Friday 6 March 2009

New blog

I am probably gonna say straight off that this will be a fairly sparsely filled blog!

I claim no expertise in the wardrobe for this Doctor, but I thought it worth sharing my own experiences in collating a costume.

Essentially I only have one project that is relevant, and it’s not the most exciting, but I did think it well worth showing what I did as I go along.

The Ninth Doctor’s era was short, but memorable. I think by the time we all got around to thinking about wearing a new series Doctor Who costume, the more striking and headline catching David Tennant was on the scene and all thoughts of Christopher Ecceston’s incarnation had already been forgotten.

This was a shame really, as his costume was one of the more accessible and quickly re-creatable of all the Doctors to date.

I’m going to take a look at some of the replica Nine jackets available, with just my opinion as an observer rather than a proactive owner.
That said, I will aim to make this a resource for as many things Nine as possible.

Happy reading!